Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What are the five happiest moments you've had with pets? [from Dan]
Hmmm. I'm going to struggle with this one.
Cats. I'm a cat person. Can't stand dogs. Nasty farty yappy things that demand attention. Cats just yawn a lot, so I can relate to them straight off.
We had two cats. Named them after bands. Ned was named after Ned's Atomic Dustbin. Boo was named after The Boo Radleys. Ned's gone to live in Wellow, cos he was too much of a handful when Littlest Littlun came along. Boo's still with us. She has to be the biggest cat in the world. The whole kitchen door is the cat flap...
Oh hang on I'm supposed to be remembering the five happiest moments.
1) Easy. When we got Boo. Who was originally named Carter (after Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, in case you're wondering). Carter turned out not to fit (go on, you know what I mean - names "fit" pets), so she was called "Cat" for a while before I settled on Boo. Yeah. Me. I thought of her name. Clever aren't I? Anyhow, when we got Boo she was this runty little thing that would fit on your hand no sweat. Plenty of blood, but no sweat. God, her claws were sharp.
2) She'd attack anything that moved. Bits of paper were her favourite. One evening we put a cardboard box in the middle of the room and filled it with old bits of newspaper, cracked the tinnies, and watched Boo beat everything up instead of watching the telly.
3) Ned's arrival. We had to drive to Fishponds in Bristol to get him. He wandered around on the parcel shelf of the old Astra as we tanked it back up the M4 home. He loved it.
4) Coming home the night my daughter was born. I was wired. Utterly hyper. I spent a few minutes gibbering to someone (can't remember who) on the phone, then tried to sleep. Boo jumped on the bed and purred away next to me all night, which calmed me down no end. Ahhh.
5) Boo in the bath. When she was younger she used to stand on the side of the bath and try to attack the drips of water that came out of the leaky tap. After she got bored of that she'd jump in the (empty) bath and skitter up and down and attack the plug. It was so entertaining that it would even drag me away from Doom.
Nowadays she just lies about being fat and sleepy. Kind of how I'd like to retire, too.


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