Sunday, November 19, 2006

It wasn't so nice this morning. I mowed the front yard, and the one good side of our back yard. It really kicked my ass for some reason. The humidity was high this morning, which didn't help.
I ate breakfast late, then fell asleep on the ol' recliner. I made myself get up, and took care of our financial matters.
I then got in the pool with spiff wiff. It was unusually cool when I went outside. The thermometer in the shade showed 82. Wow! And there was a gentle breeze. It was niiiice.
This week I wrap a few things up at my office, then head to Las Vegas for a few days. Then on Friday, my spiff wiff flies to Sacramento to visit girls from her high school. PARTAY at the homestead!!! Spiff wiff is flying by herself, for the first time ever. Big step for her.


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